emojiemojiemoji What is BDY? emojiemojiemoji 

BDY is the Brightest Day of the Year

my very special

emojiSummer emojiSolstice emojiCelebration 

since Summer 2009 :-)

This year it's on the 20th of June, 

more exactly at 23:09 pm.

Let's celebrate all together, 
by sharing a picture of light 
of this day - till 23:09 of the 21st .

I'm on Rome time, but this is not a problem at all!

Wherever you are, be a pure 

emojiemojiemojiRay of Light!emojiemojiemoji 

Please use these tags for your pictures 

#bdy #bdy2012 #bdy2012_tz and tag me emojiemojiemoji

You can join on Facebook , Flickr and Instagram 

Enjoy and have a great Summer 2012!!

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